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Personal Vehicle Monitoring & Protection

Whether you need to monitor family vehicles, teen drivers, or have peace of mind in the event of a theft, FamilyShield has you covered.

FamilyShield vehicle monitoring is used in over 60,000 vehicles nationwide.

FamilyShield vehicle monitoring device
GPS Tracker for cars and other vehicles
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Custom notifications include

Speed Alerts

Set the desired speed limit and receive notification when the speed is exceeded.

Driver Signature

Drive history reports show various driver signature points so you know if your car is being driven responsibly.

Boundary Crossing Alerts

Set boundaries and be alerted when the vehicle crosses in or out of your home, school, work or other custom locations.

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FamilyShield: The Best GPS Vehicle Monitoring Around

Monitor your teen & loved ones with FamilyShield

Monitor your teen's driving location

Monitoring Made Simple

Vehicle Reports

Detailed reports show various driver signature points and useful info such as speed traveled over a distance, location history, miles until next scheduled maintenance and more!

Location updates

The vehicle’s location is updated every time the ignition turns on and off, as well as every 5 minutes while driving, so you’ll always know its current location.

Text/email notifications

Various alert settings allow you to be notified about updates such as: low battery, speeding, ignition on/off, and geofence boundary crossings.

Insurance discounts

A FamilyShield monitoring device installed in your vehicle may qualify you for an anti-theft device discount with your insurance provider (check auto insurance policy for eligibility).

Backup Battery

The internal backup battery allows tracking for up to 2 weeks, even if the vehicle has no power or the device is disconnected.

No contracts!

No contracts, no obligations, and no hidden fees. Cancel your service at any time without any penalty.

FamilyShield Subscription Details

After your initial FamilyShield device purchase, only $9.99 a month gets you driver event reports, various alerts and more to keep your family protected.


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