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How to: Monitor Teen Driving

We've Got Some Answers To Help You Monitor Your Teen. 

The Reason You're Here is to Understand A Little More About What Can Be Done To Safely Monitor Your Teen on the Road. Plain and Simple.

Great thing for you, our FamilyShield GPS tracking device is a safe way to monitor your teen's driving. 

Let's start by listing some of the main reasons you feel the need to monitor your teen in the first place! Trust seems to be the number one reason for wanting to monitor your child. You don't know what's going through their heads, you know they're excited, and you know what that feeling of freedom can do to a young teenager. 

  • Lack Of Trust
  • Inexperience
  • Distracted Driving
  • Poor Judgment
  • Using Their Phone While Driving
  • Showing Off With Friends in The Car

If any of those reasons above seem to be hitting the nail on the head for you, then FamilyShield is the product you've been looking for. 

Let's Talk Teen Statistics For A Minute:

According to Geico and its published teenage driving statistics, 25% of 16-year-old drivers are involved in a car accident during their first year of driving. The percentage of teenage driving accidents is slightly lower with older teenagers.

Speed is a factor in close to a third of all fatal teen driving accidents. However, there are three driving maneuvers that seem to be an issue for teens in the US, as they are the main causes of crashes: Left-hand turns, rear-end events, and running off the road.

Geofencing/Boundary Crossing:

Have you heard of geofencing? In a nutshell, think of an electric dog collar without the inhumanity, or the shocking.

A geofence is a parameter set by yourself, utilizing a GPS Tracking device.

Taking that into account you could set a boundary, for example, around your teens' high-school, so you know when their car enters, and when it leaves.

When you see that their car never showed up to school, you can hit them with that, "How's first period going?" text. They'll know the jigs up and they will definitely haul them self back to school. 

Regular Updates:

Another handy tool would be Text and Email Updates every 5 minutes that the vehicle is IN MOTION. If you were concerned about a solo road trip or even an hour drive out, you would see the breadcrumbs of their driving history and better yet, know whether they're Speeding or not. You could set an alert to inform you if the vehicle goes over 70 mph so you could speak with them about obeying traffic laws and avoiding getting tickets that will blast insurance rates up through the roof. 

On the topic of insurance, you may qualify to actually SAVE on your insurance rates by having a GPS Tracking device in your vehicle. Check with your insurance provider for eligibility.

Start Protecting your Family:

At just $125 plus subscription, let the FamilyShield GPS tracking device provide you with peace of mind knowing your family is safe.